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Poconos groaning or grinning over heavy downpours due to Tropical Storm Fay

Campers not so happy, but farmers say it's welcome weather.

MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — It was a sloppy muddy mess at the Peaceful Woodlands Family Campground as the rain came pouring down steadily throughout the day on Friday.

It was the effects of Tropical Storm Fay which was spinning off the coast of New Jersey and it made for some not so happy campers.

“No, tropical storm,” said Brandon Sigety from New Jersey.

“Oh my gosh, it's horrible, it's horrible,” said Ryan Masterson also from New Jersey.

Masterson and Sigety came to Pennsylvania with friends and family with plans to use their ATV's on the campground's trails.

"We had planned this trip and we wanted to ride a little bit. We have our machines behind us,” said Sigety.

But instead, they're holed up in the RV.

"All our friends tucked away, just watching TV and all that stuff,” said Masterson.

John and Jennifer Lembach from Albrightsville keep their RV here through October but make trips home to take care of their cat.

They were wondering when they'd get hit with bad weather.

"Well, we've been here since last, what? Friday?” asked Jennifer to her husband.

“Saturday,” he responded.

“Saturday. This is the first bad day we've had but we're hanging in,” said Jennifer. “We're going to be here until Sunday, so.”

However, not everyone sees the rain as a wet blanket.

The owner of this orchard just a few miles away from that campsite says this is a welcome sight to see.

Mark Heckman is the owner of Heckman's Orchard here near Effort on Route 115.

He's been praying for rainfall.

“Oh, this rain was a blessing to see coming with the last two weeks being in the 90s and we only had couple limited showers that came through our area here,” said Heckman. “We were doing a lot of irrigating just to try and keep the crops growing but rain like this will make them really thrive.”