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Pocono Pantry in need of donations for Thanksgiving

The Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Network director says ever since prices rose, the need of people in need of help has increased.

BRODHEADSVILLE, Pa. — Cans of cranberry, green beans, and gravy and boxes of mashed potatoes and stuffing line the shelves inside Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Network near Brodheadsville.

They're all the fixings for a perfect Thanksgiving meal, but it hasn't been easy getting all these goods in.

"It's been really difficult. I mean, prices are really high, so when we have to purchase things, it's a lot harder for us. But we're also seeing fewer donations because prices are so much higher that people are struggling to donate," said Colleen Walsh, PVEN director.

She says when prices began to go up, the food pantry saw an increased need.  Adding 30 families a month, serving hundreds of people.

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, Walsh says she needs the main centerpiece for her clients- the turkey!

"They're almost 30-40 dollars a bird these days.I need about 300-350 turkeys this year. I need right now about 75 just to finish me out through the month, and were really struggling to find them," Walsh said.

With inflation impacting just about everyone, The director says she's concerned holiday donations will be lower this year.

"We survive off donations, and you know we're really worried about the rest of the year in order to make sure we get through all those months and feed all those people coming through," said Walsh.

Walsh says while she knows it will be harder this year, she's hopeful people will still lend a helping hand.

"It's especially a tough time for everybody you know with inflation and everything going on," Walsh said. "We can certainly use any help you can give, whether it's monetary or a physical donation like a turkey or a box of stuffing. Whatever you are willing to give is wonderful, and we appreciate it greatly."

If you are interested in donating to Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Network, click here.  

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