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Cleaning up the mess left behind in the Poconos

As more people continue to travel to the Poconos, more trash is ending up on trails, waterways, and in parks.

DELAWARE WATER GAP, Pa. — Piles of trash built up or left from people visiting at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area—photos sent into Newswatch 16 show the trash that's been piling up lately at the Point of Gap overlook.

"It's incredibly upsetting, it's frustrating, it's angering. I mean any adjective you want to use relating to how disgusted it makes you feel when you see it. The people are not respecting our natural resources," said Chris Barrett, president and CEO of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau.

Because littering has become such a problem in the Poconos, the visitors bureau plans to go through with the annual Pick Up the Poconos day set for September 26.

"It's something you can social distance naturally with, and it's a good activity to still be outside and enjoying the outdoors, picking up trash, and helping the environment," Barrett said.

While the trash, for the most part, has been cleaned at the overlook, the visitors bureau says those who left it don't recognize or realize the negative impact it has on our environment.

Locals who were enjoying their time on the trails have a message to those who keep destroying the place they call home.

"If this is a place where you're going to come to have a good time, eventually, it's going to look like, you know, a landfill. And is that then, what are you going to go somewhere else and ruin that place too? You know, it's just becoming a less beautiful place to go," said Alexandria Williams.

The visitors bureau says if you would like to report any trash you come across, you can visit the Pocono Mountains website and leave them a note.