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Pay to park in East Stroudsburg using a new app

No need to carry quarters anymore. Parking at meters in East Stroudsburg just got easier for drivers.

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — You might notice some new decals on parking meters in East Stroudsburg. The decals are part of a new app called Passport Parking. You can pay to park right from your smartphone.

"Oh, it makes it a lot quicker. I wonder even if I can pay before I get here," said Gabrielle Wade, East Stroudsburg.

All drivers need to do is download the app, fill out some information, including the parking meter number, press pay, and you're done.

"Quarters are a pain. I never use cash. I never use anything," said Trevor Gecik, ESU senior.

While this new meter program is great for people parking in downtown East Stroudsburg, it's especially beneficial for students at East Stroudsburg University.

If your meter runs out and you get a ticket in downtown East Stroudsburg, the fine is $10, but at ESU, it's more than double the cost, and after a few late classes, that cost adds up. 

"Yeah, it's $25 right there, and I don't have a lot of money, so that's not good," said Gecik.

Tamara Wright is a junior at ESU.  She lives in off-campus housing and drives to campus. She downloaded the app as soon as she caught wind of it.  She says it's been very convenient.

"I don't like parking meters at all, but they are convenient, I guess. Better than only being able to use quarters," said Wright.

According to the creator of the app, Passport Parking is used in other places throughout the state, including other universities, allowing students to stay parked in their seats if and when they need to fill the meter.