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Parents in Stroudsburg Weigh In on Transgender Announcement

\ STROUDSBURG — The Obama administration issued what is being called a “guidance message” on Friday, which orders public schools to allow tran...

STROUDSBURG -- The Obama administration issued what is being called a "guidance message" on Friday, which orders public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match the gender through which they identify.

The Obama administration states the message is simple -- comply or face losing federal funding.

Alex Bejar from Stroudsburg has two children in the public school system and recently learned they may now share a bathroom and locker room with transgender students.

"I think we have a lot of gender inequality going on now, so this might be the first step. It might not be the right step but it's a step that will get the conversation going," said Bejar.


Christopher Valleri from Stroudsburg doesn't have any family members in public school but agrees with the idea.

"I think that it's fair. Anyone should be able to go where they want to go," said Valleri. "It's a big leap forward. Treating normal people like normal people."

While most people we spoke to believe this new rule is fair, some others tell us they are just not comfortable with it.

Steven Lake from Tannersville understands times are changing but believes this order goes too far.

"You're born a boy, you go to the boys room. You're born a young lady, you go to the ladies room. That should be simple enough," said Lake.

If a school opts to use bathrooms with just one stall in each, those bathrooms must be accessible to everyone.

People we spoke with are interested to see how school districts in Monroe County respond in the future.