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Overnight flooding in Monroe County

That heavy rain caused major issues in Monroe County, from flooded roadways to people pulled from their beds overnight.

MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — Overnight, heavy rains and travel troubles in the Poconos.

Interstate 80 was closed in both directions from the Tannersville exit to the Bartonsville exit because of flooding, causing headaches and traffic tie-ups before reopening.

Standing water, wash-outs, and debris closing or blocking other roadways as well around Monroe County.

Emergency officials say they were busy Sunday night into Monday morning.

"I heard about hurricane whatever is coming, but I ain't know it was gonna. I said we're only gonna get the rain, we get the rain, but we ain't gonna get the big storm, but that's what did it, that rain," said Floyd Taylor of Stroudsburg.

People were asked to voluntarily leave Glenbrook East Apartments in Stroudsburg as Pocono Creek flooded its banks.

A temporary shelter was set up at East Stroudsburg University's field house.

"One of the neighbors came knocked on my door and said you'd better get out of here, come on out, come on out because they're evacuating people," added Taylor.

After the floodwaters come, the mess left behind the muck and the cleanup.

"What can you say? This is God's nature, so nothing we can say about that," said Taylor.

In the daylight hours, dozens of vehicles can still be seen underwater in the lower parking lot of the Glenbrook East apartments.

Kamille Capers has at least five feet of standing water outside her home.

"I managed to save everything I have, including my car, which was just about to go over this little bank right here and fall into the water," Capers said. "It was just before it started to float; we backed it out, pulled it back, and left."

People were asked to voluntarily leave the apartments as Pocono Creek flooded its banks.

One woman chose to stay and managed to keep safe inside. Her car, on the other hand, was surrounded by muck and water and was wet on the inside, but luckily it started.

"The creek had overrun, and it was like we had our own personal river. We had our own personal swimming pool. People were pushing their cars out, and it was just a mess. All I did was pray. We couldn't move the car. They were coming banging on the door, 'Evacuate!'"

People who live in the apartment complex didn't realize the severity of the flooding until they started to see big objects float by their windows.

"We were standing here, and she was like, 'The dumpster.' And we heard it go, boom, hit a car, and it was like, yeah."

"I can honestly tell you my dumpster went past the back window, and that's when everyone knew things were not going to be OK. The heaviest things were moving," Capers recalled.

Due to Tropical Storm Henri and local flooding, all Monroe County Court facilities are physically closed until noon on Monday, Aug. 23. Click here for more information.

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