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New Produce Stand at Klingel’s Farm

ROSS TOWNSHIP — There’s more than just the giant “Mazezilla” Corn Maze to greet people at Klingel’s Farm near Saylorsburg. Now cus...

ROSS TOWNSHIP -- There's more than just the giant "Mazezilla" Corn Maze to greet people at Klingel's Farm near Saylorsburg.

Now customers will notice a giant red barn. Inside, fresh produce fills the stands.

Kayla Werner from East Stroudsburg came with her family to look around.

"It's big. It used to be up there just a little area but this is nice. It's really nice," said Werner.

Owners of the farm just unveiled the new place to the public.

Stuart Klingel owns the farm. He says they were in need of more space for produce.

"It's great. We have a little bit more room, probably more than we need right now but we are hoping to grow into it as we add more things this year and the upcoming years," said Klingel.

Even though it's been a wet summer, there is still plenty for people to choose from. A lot of the vegetables were grown right here on the farm and the fruit is brought in by local orchards. The plan is to fill this entire space with fruits and vegetables in the coming months.

Farmers tell Newswatch 16 that filling the place will take some time but the fruit and vegetables are getting there.

"Things are just a little slow ripening and filling out. We are a bit behind schedule with the cooler spring but we are getting there and things are coming in," said Klingel.

"I feel like it's been a weird summer. We haven't had the best summer so there is quite a bit for the weather that we did have," said Werner.

The produce section is open to the public now and "Mazezilla" is scheduled to open next month.