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Mount Airy Casino Resort donated fresh food to PVEN

Mount Airy Casino Resort is temporarily closed due to Coronavirus concerns. Staff donated more than two tons of food to local food pantry.

BRODHEADSVILLE, Pa. — It's food distribution day here at Pleasant Valley Ecumenical Network, or PVEN, near Brodheadsville.

Because of Coronavirus, food is being placed into vehicles, drive-thru style.

Fresh fruits and veggies can be seen in bags.  The food was donated by Mount Airy Casino Resort near Mount Pocono.

Newswatch 16 spoke to the president of PVEN, Tom Campbell, online.

"Now that some of the larger institutions in the area are closing down operations and won't be able to use what might be sitting in their refrigerators, whether it be restaurants or resorts, food pantries are a worthwhile place to give to people who will actually be able to use it, instead of letting it rot in their cooler," said Tom Campbell, PVEN President.

Mount Airy Casino is temporarily closed due to the virus. 

Nearly 2,500 pounds went to people in need throughout the West End.

"Lots and lots of lemons, oranges, tomatoes, onions, lots of fruit. The thing we don't necessarily always get our hands-on. We really truly appreciate this time of year we don't get a lot of fresh vegetables, so it worked out well," said Campbell.

If you live in the West End and find yourself out of work during the pandemic and in need of food, PVEN is willing to help.

You just have to call the pantry ahead of time and pre-register.

"Please, do not let pride get in the way of putting food on your family's table. I know a lot of folks have been able to be self-sufficient for years, but right now is a special time," said Campbell.

If you do not live in the West End, here's a list of other food pantries throughout Monroe County.

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