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'Mood changed on rafting trip' - Maid of honor testifies before groom in sexual assault trial

Daniel Carney is charged with attempted rape and attempted sexual assault.


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Original story:

Daniel Carney is the man on trial, accused of sexually assaulting one of his wife's bridesmaids just days before his wedding at Shawnee Inn back in 2019.

The prosecution called several witnesses on Tuesday, including the maid of honor and medical professionals.

Jurors at the trial of Daniel Carney of Stroudsburg heard from an emergency medicine doctor and a nurse from Lehigh Valley Pocono, who saw the victim just days after prosecutors say Carney sexually assaulted her.

They reported seeing several bruises all over the bridesmaid's body. Prosecutors showed photos and submitted emergency room records and charts as evidence.

The defense argues those bruises could have come from a rafting trip taken by the wedding party or even from somewhere else.

A sexual assault victims response expert also testified for the prosecution. She said there's no common way a victim would react in a sexual assault encounter.

However, the defense disagrees, suggesting that people can often lie and false reports could be made.

The day's most gripping testimony came from the bride's maid of honor. She says the mood changed halfway through the pre-wedding rafting trip on August 30 because Carney and his friends asked the bridesmaid to flash other boaters for free beer.

The maid of honor testified that when they came back to Shawnee from dropping off rafting gear, Carney and the bridesmaid were nowhere to be found.

She told jurors that after checking a couple of places inside the Inn, the bride-to-be ran into the men's locker room and found Carney and the alleged victim in the shower.

The maid of honor says the bride came out and collapsed to the floor after telling her what she saw.

The maid of honor testified that she saw Carney and the bride-to-be arguing later on. The maid of honor said she advised the bride-to-be to call off the wedding.

The prosecution is expected to rest Wednesday, and then the defense will call its witnesses.

Carney is charged with attempted rape and attempted sexual assault. He is free on bail.

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