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Monroe County residents surprised by overnight flooding

Tropical Storm Henri left quite an impact in Monroe County. Many woke to find flooded basements and yards.

MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — When McMichaels Creek is roaring like it was on Monday, it's a sure sign a storm blew through. Tropical Storm Henri made its mark on Sunday and Monday in Monroe County.

In Pocono Township near Tannersville, pools of water are left in front yards, backyards, and restaurant parking lots.

Along Route 447 near East Stroudsburg, we found problems, including roads closed near the old Penn Hills Resort because of water and other damage.

In a Stroud Township neighborhood, sump pumps were hard at work.

"Oh, it was well as you can see over here. The water was all the way up into this lot. It came all the way across my yard, and you can see the debris it dumped from the retention basin. It came right now Cobble Lane here it was like a little river right on down and out through the field. I had four sump pumps, and they just couldn't take it," said Leroy Bowman, Stroud Township.

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Clayton VanWhy has lived in this part of the Poconos for two decades. This is the worst he's seen.

"I hardly ever get any water in my basement, and this time I got water. I didn't get more than like eight inches of water, but I ran the gas pump and two electric pumps all night," said VanWhy.

Some people who live in this neighborhood didn't even realize there was a possibility for flooding until they woke up and found five feet of water in their basement.

Judaisy Venegas and her husband just moved into this home at the beginning of the year.

"My husband was leaving this morning, and thank God the neighbors said, 'Check your basement. Everyone is flooded.' And it was like up to here on us," said Venegas.

People we spoke to are happy no one was hurt as the cleanup continues in Monroe County.

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