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Monroe County EMA asks for flood damage reports

If you live in Monroe County and Tropical Storm Henri caused flood damage to your property, emergency management officials want to hear from you.

MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — It's been almost a week since Tropical Storm Henri made its mark in Monroe County.

Lots of homes and businesses were left with flood damage, parking lots filled with water waist deep, and vehicles were left damaged or totaled.

"Yeah, we lost both cars. A 2020 Subaru and 2019. What to do, right," said Carmen Vega of Stroudsburg.

Now that the water has receded and residents can finally get a good look at the damage left behind, there is something you can do. Report your flood damage to the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management.

Bradley Harrison is deputy director of the county EMA. 

He says this will help municipalities and the county understand the extent of damage in this part of the Poconos.

"This is really important. We are gathering information and without people reporting damage, we don't know what the extent is," said Bradley Harrison with Monroe County EMA.

EMA directors tell Newswatch 16 people are starting to call and report damage, however, they know there are other residents out there who haven't done so yet. They are encouraging you to do it because it could help if and when funds become available.

If you find yourself in this category.  Here's the information you're going to want to have ready to report:

  •  Contact name and phone number
  •  Property address
  •  Type of structure impacted
  •  Cost of personal property lost
  •  Cost of repairs to property
  •  Insurance information

"This information helps if there is some sort of disaster declaration or the availability of funds, this is how we would be able to get that. Without knowing the extent, the cost, that sort of stuff, we have nothing to go on to pursue getting financial compensation for these people," said Harrison.

If you are ready and able to report flood damage, EMA officials tell us it starts with a phone call.

You can call the Monroe County Emergency Management Office at (570) 992-4113.

You can also call your municipal office. Both locations have all the details and paperwork you'll need to fill out.

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