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Masks reinstated for Monroe County buildings

Masks once again have to be worn inside all Monroe County government buildings, because of an increase in COVID-19 numbers in the county.

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — There's been a look of confusion on the faces of people entering the Monroe County Courthouse this week. 

Sheriff's deputies are telling visitors that masks are again required inside the building. 

"I've gotten used to not wearing it," said Cynthia Crowner of Stroudsburg. 

But it's not just at the courthouse. 

Masks once again have to be worn inside all Monroe County government buildings, including the county administrative building.

Crowner was shocked to see she needed one to get inside.

"It makes me depressed. I mean with everything that's going on between Ukraine and then the mass shooting and then COVID coming back, it's like, wow, adding insult to injury. We thought we were over the hump, and it's just very disappointing," said Crowner. 

County commissioners decided to bring back the mask mandate in all public county buildings because of high COVID-19 numbers.

According to the CDC, community transmission in the county is considered high. 

Credit: WNEP

Sharon Laverdure is the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners.

She says they have been monitoring the numbers closely.  

"You sometimes think ah a day or two, you know, and a week and they'll come back down. It did not. So we decided that it would be recommended strongly, especially if you don't have your shots," said Laverdure. 

"When I saw the numbers, the daily count from Monroe County, I realized we'd gone from double digits of new cases to trip digits even possibly over 400. So it's like why we're going backward," added Crowner. 

Don't worry; if you do forget your mask, officials inside county buildings are giving them out for free. 

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