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March storm in Monroe County

Newswatch 16's Elizabeth Worthington was in Monroe County Tuesday morning to look at the conditions there.

MOUNT POCONO, Pa. — The snow and slush make for sloppy road conditions in the Poconos Tuesday morning.

Newswatch 16's Elizabeth Worthington was in Mount Pocono, Monroe County, to look at the conditions there.

Angel Morales knew better than to put away the winter gear prematurely. Living in the Poconos, you get used to some late-season snowfall.

"We always expect in late March, even sometimes it's April, we'll get some snow, so we're never out of the woods. I still have my salt. I still got my blanket in the car, you know, so you got to be ready for it."

Morales was happy not to see much snow piling up on the ground, but his 12-year-old daughter will be disappointed.

"She's not the one that cleans it. You know, she comes out, she goes, 'I want to help.' Then she's making snow angels or throwing snowballs at me. That's how she helps."

But nobody is happier to see this type of weather in the forecast than those who rely on it to keep their business going, like plow truck driver Al Henion.

"I'm hoping we get more today."

The morning commute wasn't bad for early risers like Sal Dibenedetto.

"I'm on my way to Lowe's now, and it's mostly just wet, like Joe and Mindi said when they were coming to work."

But driving did get a little trickier later in the morning. Christine Whitley stopped for gas on her way to work in Bethlehem.

"I came from (Route) 196, and they are all covered with snow and ice underneath. And then the wind is taking everything, covering all the roads, so there are trucks going up, but it's still coming down."

But if you live in the Poconos, you're always prepared for a little snowy weather, even when the calendar says springtime.

"You know the Poconos; every time in March and April, there's always a snowstorm."


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