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Hunters welcome deer season changes

The Pennsylvania Game Commission board approved a two-week deer hunting season for this fall for both antlered and antlerless deer.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The Pennsylvania Game Commission announced a big change for the upcoming deer hunting season.

This year, regular firearms deer season for both antlered and antlerless deer will be held during the same 14-day period, rather than separately.

The changes were announced at the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners meeting on Saturday.

"I think it's fine to take the buck and take the doe. I mean, if you have tags for them, go ahead and throw your tags there and have a good time," said Tom Setler from Neola.

Newswatch 16 stopped some hunters at Dunkelberger's on Main Street in Stroudsburg. Steve Emswiler from Blakeslee was there getting a new rifle. He thinks the change is good.

"I think it's fine. We have so many doe as it is; it's not even funny. The way they put the laws on antlers for bucks now. I mean, yeah, I am fine with it," said Emswiler.

Hunters Newswatch 16 spoke to welcome this change and hope it encourages younger people to get out and join the sport to keep the tradition going.

"I think it may impact younger people to see more activity out there. Sometimes, if you take a youngster out and they don't see anything out there, they get discouraged or whatever. It will give a little better opportunity for earlier success," said Setler.

The two-week deer season was proposed back in January with some negative feedback.

Hunters here in Stroudsburg think the change will create more opportunities.

"It's not like going to some preserve where they are herded. The hunting spots are either really crowded, or if you find one that's not, but it's few and far between to see a living animal," said Emswiler.

Deer season for antlered and antlerless deer will run from November 27 through December 11. Hunting will be open on Sunday, November 28, and closed on Sunday, December 5.

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