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Giant gas station offers gloves, sanitizer at gas pumps

People and businesses are trying to avoid the spread of germs in public places, including gas stations.

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — "Gas Mitts" are on one side of the pump, and hand sanitizer is on the other.

People filling their tanks at Giant in East Stroudsburg are glad to see the gas station is doing its best to keep germs at bay.

I think it's great. I mean anything anyone can do you know, to help keep themselves safe. It's important," said Brian Warner, East Stroudsburg.

As coronavirus concerns continue, people and businesses are doing their best to avoid spreading the virus.

Since gas pumps are used by the public, customers are happy to see there are supplies available.

"We don't know how many times a day that we actually put our hand in our mouth touch our face. We are so, we are not aware of it, and right now, it's very important that people use gloves, hand sanitizer, wash their hands, 'Happy Birthday' song," said Suni Elmaghrvi, East Stroudsburg.

Giant always has hand sanitizer and gloves at gas pumps, but now more than ever, employees tell Newswatch 16, they are making sure each is always stocked.

"When I am here, personally, I check in the morning and when my shift ends. So when the next guy comes in, he does the same thing. Night crew checks it, too. So when we open first thing in the morning, as soon as customers come, they have stock supply to use," said Devika Prasad, Giant Food Stores.

Brian Warner lives in East Stroudsburg. He says with seven confirmed cases in Monroe County, every precaution helps.

"Looking around at businesses, everyone is doing everything they can. People seem to be taking it seriously. At least around here, people are being responsible, giving each other distance and stuff like that," said Warner.

Giant Food Store is also doing its part as coronavirus concerns continue. 

Starting Thursday, from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m., only senior citizens will be allowed to shop for groceries.

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