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'Get out and shop early' – Fireworks in high demand amid shortage

After a record-breaking year of sales for the fireworks industry, the American tradition may be in danger.

TANNERSVILLE, Pa. — After a banner year for The Fireworks Outlet at Odd-lot in Tannersville, the fireworks industry is experiencing shortages.

"We see a good amount of product out there, but there definitely are some shortages," said Ken Schuchman, the owner of the Fireworks outlet at Odd-lot.  

Ken Schuchman is the owner and says he saw this coming after tons of people turned to the outdoors to do something action-packed.  

Like many, he gets nearly all of his products from China. He says a mix of increased demand, not to mention the cost of shipping and a backlog on orders, are leading to the shortage.   

"Most of the difficulties have been related to freight, the cost increase in freight, and the devaluation of the dollar, which has caused a pretty steep increase this year in the cost of the product."

At the Fireworks outlet, the owner tells Newswatch 16 customers can expect slightly higher prices and a shortage in roman candles.

Just down the road on 611 sits Brooklyn fireworks. The owners here say they got really lucky when it came to ordering products this year, as the owners were looking to expand the business. 

"Figure we would import early, get all our product going sooner. Try to get into some stores as well, the plan actually happened to work with there being a shortage," said Brooklyn Fireworks owner Peter Matra.

Fireworks lovers Newswatch 16 spoke with are encouraging others to clean up after they use them. 

"I love them, and they're good fun, and they make everyone happy. But the one thing I hate about them is when people leave the trash everywhere after every holiday," said Vishal Forde, Pocono Summit.

Store owners are warning those to stock up early, as supplies may run out.

"I would suggest people shop early because their difficulty will be limitations on variety at the end," Schuchman said.

"Even now, I'm ordering for 2022 already because we're anticipating this is going to happen again," 

Both fireworks store owners say while it's a dream to sell out completely, they hope they don't, so they can be able to serve the community.