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Gas prices keeping campers close to home for Memorial Day weekend

With the price of fuel and the amount it takes to fill up an RV, there are questions as to how campsites are faring this year as well as this holiday weekend.

TOBYHANNA, Pa. — If you set out to camp this weekend, you probably had to 'filler up,' and that price tag packed quite a punch for some campers spending the weekend at Tobyhanna State Park.

"Well, it has a 55-gallon tank, so you do the math. I stopped and had a little less than a half a tank, and I think I put 150 in, and it shut off. They cut you off at 150, so basically, I couldn't fill it all the way," said Scott Manicke, Bangor.

The average price per gallon for regular gas is holding steady at $4.76. $1.50 more than last Memorial Day.  

A gallon of diesel is $6.26. Almost $3.00 more than last year.

The price of gas isn't necessarily stopping campers from rolling out this Memorial Day weekend.

But the rise in fuel cost is the reason Scott Manicke and his family picked Tobyhanna State Park to set up camp. It's not too far from home.

"We certainly are staying closer to home. We used to go further with the motor home because it was a lot easier, but we are staying within an hour because of gas prices," said Manicke.

The rise in gas prices and rainy weather created a perfect storm of sorts.

State park officials tell Newswatch 16, that sites were fully booked earlier in the week, but a few cancellations trickled in as the wet forecast did, too.

Some campers don't mind the sog. It's part of the fun.

"I mean, it's okay. We will have fun right now it's perfect, and it's going to lighten up for these guys all weekend long, so they will have a good time," said Jeffrey Edwards, Doylestown.

"Umm, hopefully, it stops raining, and it stays stopped raining. I mean, it's not that tough; you make the best of it," said Carlette Groth, Pen Argyl.

Jeffrey Edwards from Doylestown and his crew set up tents to spend the weekend outdoors.

"No RV's, no. I was going to put a mattress in the back of my truck but said, let's go with the tents," said Edwards.

Campers tell Newswatch 16 that they are staying cautiously optimistic that fuel prices will come down as the summer goes on. If not, there are plenty of other campgrounds to try close by. 

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