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Free Diner Up for Grabs in the Poconos

TANNERSVILLE — They say good things don’t come cheap but that’s not the case here in Tannersville. A former diner and everything inside can be...

TANNERSVILLE -- They say good things don't come cheap but that's not the case here in Tannersville.

A former diner and everything inside can be yours for free. Owners of the Diner at Tannersville are giving it away to make room for another business.

"We actually have to remove it from the property because we are building our new Harley Davidson dealership here and we are scheduled to break ground in the spring. We are just trying to give it to a good home,” said Jim Schlier, Diner at Tannersville owner.

The diner closed for business last year.

Owner Jim Schlier tells Newswatch 16 he put it on the market for $30,000 last year but there were no takers. Now he's giving it away to whoever can haul it away.

“I just think it's a shame to demolish something that maybe somebody, some young couple wants to starts a business and maybe this can be their start,” said Schlier.

Picking up this entire diner and hauling it away is a big undertaking, but owners would rather see it go that way than piece by piece.

And owners aren't the only people hoping to see it become a diner elsewhere. Imanuel Agard used to visit the diner all the time when he lived in the area before it shut down. He hopes someone else can give it new life.

“I think it's a huge gesture they are doing.It's not every day you get something for free,” said Imanuel Agard, Brooklyn.

So we wondered, what would people here do with a diner if they had the means to haul it away?

Alaysha Altman from Mount Pocono had some ideas.

“I don't know I would probably try to reinvent it or make it a better one or like a Johnny Rockets or something. I would just try to reinvent it,” said Alaysha Altman, Mount Pocono.

“I would definitely find someplace to actually put it and I would definitely want to run something that not only everyone can enjoy, but is also healthy,” said Agard.

Owners hope that whoever takes this diner keeps it local. He and his family still want to be able to visit it when it’s back up and running.

If you are interested in the diner, contact Jim Schlier at 570-350-5073.