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Food distributor opening doors to the general public

Pocono ProFoods has found a way to help people shop for food, as coronavirus concerns continue to sweep our area.

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Pocono ProFoods in Stroud Township is usually busy selling food to restaurants, schools, and hospitals.

However, coronavirus has put a big damper on sales. Many places are closed.

"Most of our restaurants, which is the overwhelming majority of our business, are closed. Some are doing takeout but even so some aren't having the success that they would love to have and so we are probably down 60 percent of our sales," said Chef Doug Petruzzi, Pocono ProFoods.

Doug Petruzzi is the executive chef at Pocono ProFoods.   He says earlier this week, the company decided to open its operation to the general public, giving people another option to find food that might not be on store shelves.

"There is such a tough time getting proteins and things from the supermarkets these days, we've got loads of it. We've got a massive warehouse and so we are offering these things to the public. It's large-box stuff, we are making it into smaller packages, affordable packages," said Chef Petruzzi.

Pocono ProFood employees are also practicing social distancing so when you come to pick up your box, it's delivered right to your car.

"It really makes it easy. You don't have to fight or worry about getting run over by someone's shopping cart. We are trying to make it easy for everyone and really it helps all of us," said Chef Petruzzi.

Chef Petruzzi tells Newswatch 16, next week more fresh produce will be added to boxed meals.

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