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Flu cases continue to rise throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Currently, the state is reporting more than 28,000 cases of influenza, 4,007 of them in our viewing area.

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Doctors and nurses at Lehigh Valley Hospital Pocono in East Stroudsburg are working to not only stop the spread of the coronavirus but also the Flu. 

In Monroe County, doctors Tell Newswatch 16 there are more than 380 confirmed cases of the flu. 

"We've definitely seen a surge in the number of influenza cases. Mostly it's influenza A. I would say it's about a moderate season. We've had less like last year, which we hardly had any flu, we've had a lot more," said Doctor Jonathan Goldner. 

Just a month ago the state was only at 8,000 cases. 

Currently, the state is reporting more than 28,000 cases of influenza, with 4,007 of those cases in our viewing area.

Doctor Jonathan Goldner says not only are flu vaccine numbers down, but many of the masking and social distancing orders that were in place last year helped stop the spread.

"People are somewhat reluctant to get an influenza vaccination," Doctor Goldner said. "You know a lot of them have had COVID vaccinations and they're just tired of getting vaccinated. But it's also people who are out doing things. Some people are not wearing their masks and they should be."

Doctor Goldner says the new COVID-19 variant symptoms are very similar to the flu, making it harder for doctors to differentiate which virus a person may have. 

"Sinus congestion, sore throat, fever, cough. There can also be some G.I. symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. It is also very common with influenza. Again we see this also with the Omicron variant of covid as well, so almost always it's almost sometimes impossible to tell the difference, and that's why the testing is important," Doctor Golder said.

Doctor Goldner is reminding everyone, six months of age and older can get the flu vaccine. It can be given with a COVID vaccine.

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