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Fireworks stores busy ahead of 4th of July

Celebrating all things red, white, and blue, will likely going to cost you extra green!

MARSHALLS CREEK, Pa. — Fireworks filled shopping carts inside the Fireworks Outlet at Odd-lot in Smithfield Township, near Marshall's Creek.

Mike Gates from New York is one of many stocking up, looking to kick off the holiday weekend with a bang!

"We have a big group coming in for the Fourth of July at the house. Big barbeque, so we're going to do a little light show, nothing too crazy," said Gates.

Ken Schuchman is the owner of the Fireworks outlet. He says between gas prices and inflation, it's more difficult to get products.

"It's been a crazy year. It's been a challenge to get a product, but we've been partnering with some of our vendors and running private ships over from China, and as you can see, we are fully, fully stocked," said Schuchman.

Schuchman says if you're looking to buy fireworks this year, you can expect to pay more.

"People are certainly a little more concerned about the money they spend because of inflation and everything else," said Schuchman. "Just like everything, fireworks have gone up."

While prices may be up, the owner says he doesn't expect to run out of any fireworks.

"We absolutely won't run out of product," Schuchman said. "We're unloading trucks today. We're unloading trucks tomorrow, and we over-order, so that's for the benefit of our customers."

For some families, it wouldn't be the 4th of July without fireworks.

"It definitely adds a little spark – no pun intended – to the festivities, but we've gone a few years without them," Gates said. "Traditionally, we like to have some sort of celebration for the holiday."

Schuchman says while he doesn't plan to sell out, make sure to shop early to get exactly what you want.

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