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Why are fireworks sales sky-high?

The owner of a fireworks shop in Monroe County says this is a banner year for business and believes it due to a lot of firework shows being canceled.

MARSHALLS CREEK, Pa. — Monroe County is now in the green phase of the state's reopening plan so while people are allowed to shop inside fireworks stores, safety measures are in place.

At Fireworks Outlet at Odd Lot near Marshalls Creek, it's packed inside and out.

"I am back from Long Island. I was here last year. We had a great time. We are going to have a better time this year. Every year, we fill up the car," said Daniel Brisco from Long Island, New York.

Ken Schuchman owns the business and says it's shaping up to be a banner year because people are eager to get back outdoors and have some fun. His customer base continues to be people from Pennsylvania and out of state, though he stresses there are safety measures in place due to COVID-19.

"We are practicing social distancing, we are limiting how many people can come into the store, we are all wearing face masks and trying to do the best we can doing these unique times," Schuchman said.

Chris Scala from White Haven says because many public fireworks shows are being canceled this year, he decided to put on his own display.

"I think people are hungry for having a good time. We've been locked up for a while now and home celebrations seem like the thing to do," said Scala.

"Because of the pandemic, there's not a lot going on and a lot of places canceled their fireworks shows, so we are getting a couple little fireworks. We will put them in a safe area and the kids can watch," said Charles Adams, from Newark, New Jersey.

The owner of the Fireworks Outlet expects to be busy with fireworks sales from now through the Fourth of July and plans to keep the shelves fully stocked. Just remember before you show up, masks and social distancing are being enforced.

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