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Fall has arrived with cooler temps

The colder weather shocked many who were outside in Monroe county.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Hands in pockets, bodies draped in jackets, and heads covered.

It was a chilly day at Big Pocono State Park in Jackson Township. 

"Woah, It's winter all of the sudden. That was like a big switch that got flipped," said Jordan Savitch of Pocono Pines.

"It suddenly turned to Winter here. Overnight. It was nice and warm and sunny at the beginning of the week, and it's sunny and beautiful now, just very cold," Linda Cox said. 

Linda and her husband, Jim Cox, are visiting from Virginia. 

They decided to take in the view,  not realizing just how chilly it would be on the mountain. 

"It's a surprise to me at least that, what are we, we're still in September, you know, and you run into this. That wouldn't be common down where we are," Jim Cox said. 

Jordan Savitch went mountain biking on some of the trials. 

He decided to layer up, knowing that cooler temps were on the way. 

"I went through the winter base layer for the bottoms and base layer for the tops. So, it's November gear," Savitch said.

People tell Newswatch 16 they're ready for the fall, but this wind is too much.

"I'm ready for Fall weather. Just a bit, you know, between Summer and Winter. Not this cold," Linda Cox said. 

"I love Fall. I don't wanna skip Fall. I'm ready for some nice mild, I love the cool nights, warmer days. So I'll take a bit more of that, not this. This is gusty. If it's going to do this, It might as well just snow," Savitch said.

Let's not tempt mother nature now, snow will be here before we know it.

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