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ESU Women’s Basketball Manager Meets Her Idol, NBA Star Steph Curry

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — The manager of the women’s basketball team at East Stroudsburg University got treated to an experience of a lifetime, meetin...

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- The manager of the women's basketball team at East Stroudsburg University got treated to an experience of a lifetime, meeting her idol, NBA star Steph Curry.

Rachel Grace was flown to a Golden State Warriors game last week by Curry himself after he saw a video of her professing her love for him.

The smile on Grace's face said a thousand words--all of pure happiness--when she met Curry after the Warriors' game Friday night in California.

And the super-talented point guard arranged for this meeting to happen after seeing a video of Grace professing her love and admiration for Curry.

“It was awesome! I liked everything about it. It was so cool,” said Grace. “He was a good guy, and I like him, and he saw my video!”

Grace is the manager of East Stroudsburg University's women's basketball team and this whole journey started with the team wanting to give her a super special Christmas gift. They made the video of Grace and sent it to Curry's team.

Curry then paid for Grace and her family to fly out to California during Grace's spring break last week, watch a game, and meet Curry.

Grace insisted that her coach and teammate come with them.

“It was so emotional. Everybody was emotional. I think he was too,” said Coach Diane Decker. “But it was unbelievable for her and her family and to watch them.”

“It's something I'll never forget. The smile that she had when he walked out was something I will remember forever. She was just so excited,” said player Ann McKnight.

And of course, Curry didn't let Grace leave empty-handed, giving her his signed jersey and a pair of his sneakers.

“From my experience, it was awesome. I loved everything all about it. It was the best part of my entire life,” said Grace.

Now, Grace has the story of a lifetime to spend the rest of her life retelling.