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Eco-friendly Dorms at East Stroudsburg University

EAST STROUDSBURG — Living the college life doesn’t mean you forget about energy efficiency. That was the idea kept in mind at East Stroudsburg Unive...

EAST STROUDSBURG -- Living the college life doesn't mean you forget about energy efficiency.

That was the idea kept in mind at East Stroudsburg University in Monroe County during the building of two of its newer dorms suites.

Freshman Grace Martini has noticed different eco-friendly features in her dorm inside Hemlock Suites.

"The lights go on and off automatically so I when people aren't in the hallways, it's saving energy," said Grace Martini, ESU Freshman.

Those eco-friendly features will be mimicked right across the street in the new dorm building. Work on the $44,000,000 project began last summer.

According to the campus website, the new residence halls will be heated and air-conditioned using geothermal technology and will be equipped with power-saving features.

"I think it's really important. Times are changing and a lot is going on so I think everything should be energy efficient. It's much better that way," said Kayla Reilly, ESU Freshman.

Construction of the building has also been eco-friendly. Materials are being used that do not send out harmful chemicals into the air.

Students who live in the new suites, Hemlock and Hawthorne, tell us there are signs all over the place reminding them to turn the lights on and off and recycle. They are happy those same features and many others will be in the new building.

Junior Kayla Slack thinks it's important to use environmentally safe options whenever possible.

"I feel like it's important to us as a community to recycle and do all we can," said Slack.

"There are a lot of people roaming around and they could forget to turn the light off so anything that will help because it's a good thing to conserve," said Martini.

The new dorms are expected to be complete come fall.

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