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Doctors warn about travel to New York City

Doctors with LVHN say you if you have been to New York City or have been in contact with someone from the city, you may be at a higher risk for getting Coronavirus.

MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — If you've been to New York City or have been around someone who has been to the city in the past 14 days, Lehigh Valley Health Network physicians say you may be at heightened risk of getting coronavirus.

"In our initial experience with some of the patients who have turned up unfortunately positive for COVID-19, of course, a lot of them, from the northeast Pennsylvania area have either been in New York City or have had contact with people who have been in New York City," said Dr. Tom Whalen, Lehigh Valley Health Network.

Dr. Whalen tells Newswatch 16, while this information has not been formally stated by anyone on a state or federal level, it is important to report what doctors are seeing.

In Monroe County, 19 positive cases have been confirmed just this week. That's the most for any county in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

"If you absolutely must travel to New York, you need to be an example, a model of social distancing and proper hand hygiene to minimize the chances that you yourself are going to get the disease. Then, should you develop symptoms that are primarily are going to be cough, fever, and the cough will be nonproductive, you're not going to be bringing up spew. If you manifest any of those symptoms, contact either our network, St. Luke's or through your local physician to be evaluated if directed or than tested as soon as possible."

Lehigh Valley Health Network doctors say if you have been to New York or have been exposed to someone who has been to the city, the best course of action is to self-quarantine for two weeks. If you can't do that, take your temperature daily before going to work.

If you show symptoms, call your doctor.