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Drug task force auctions off seized vehicles in Monroe County

All of the money raised at the auction will go right back into fighting drug crimes in the county.

CRESCO, Pa. — A red Mercedes and a dump truck were just a couple of the vehicles auctioned off at Auto in Motion in Cresco.

More than 10 cars, most of which were seized by the Monroe County Drug Task Force, were sold to the highest bidder. 

Collin Waas of Stroudsburg walked away with an SUV, a car, and two new tires.

"We usually support the Monroe County task force and come out here. Bid on some cars, try to make some money," Waas said. 

Harvey Giles of Tobyhanna was in the market for a vehicle. 

"I'm into buying and selling cars and fixing cars. Plus, my daughter needed a car, and I figured I'd buy something for her if I can find something at a good price," Giles said. He did. A 2007 Nissan Altima for a whopping $500. 

"I feel like I found something at a pretty decent price and just take it home. Clean it up a little bit. Fix it up a little bit. Have my daughter riding around looking good," Giles said. 

All of the money raised at the auction will go right back into fighting drug crimes in the county.  

"We use that money for paying officers overtime, for purchasing new equipment. New things that we can buy to just stay ahead of the drug dealer. We use the money from the auction for this," Kim Lippincott, a detective with the Monroe County District Attorney's office. 

In this auction, the two biggest ticket items were this Chevy and this Honda. People we spoke with say they had no problem bidding up for a good cause.

"We like giving back to the community and what they do is for a good cause," Waas said. 

"It's going to a good cause as far as fighting drug trafficking and drug task force, you know what I mean," Giles said. "Putting the money back into the system and stuff like that. It's a good thing, you know. Happy to be able to support that."

County officials made more than $24,000 in this year's auction.

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