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Cub Scouts Help AWSOM with Big Donation

STROUD TOWNSHIP — There will be plenty of food and treats to go around for “man’s best friend” at AWSOM Animal Shelter near Stroudsburg thanks...

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- There will be plenty of food and treats to go around for "man’s best friend" at AWSOM Animal Shelter near Stroudsburg thanks to just two young Cub Scouts.

“We collected all kinds of dog food and cat food to give it to AWSOM to give it all to the animals,” said Cub Scout Ramon Tyson.

The boys, only seven years old, unloaded their haul on a day off from school.

"Well, because we love cats and dogs,” said cub scout Jackson Stewart.

The Pocono Pub helped the scouts by collecting some of these items on their behalf. It’s enough food to feed the animals for about a month.

"That's what Boy Scouts teaches, to help others and they're helping others even though they're not human. They're learning the scout law, and what it's like to do for other people,” said Den Leader Chrissie Kovacs.

This big donation of dog and cat food is only the beginning of the good news here at AWSOM. They were just recently nominated as the number one animal shelter in Pennsylvania.

The MuttNation Foundation founded by Miranda Lambert selected AWSOM as Pennsylvania’s number one shelter, recognizing their hard work and dedication to these cats and dogs.

"It just shows how many people behind the scenes and how hard the shelter staff here, and everybody works to make this a real special place. It puts a smile on my face just as I talk to you about it,” said Rich Homar at AWSOM Animal Shelter.

One shelter per state is given the award and $3,000. They hope to use the money on upgrades to the no-kill facility.

“The community makes this place strong and I just want to thank everybody,” said Homar.