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Church in the Poconos warns of email scam

The emails along with an attachment are being sent to members of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Brodheadsville. The sender claims to be the church's Deacon.

BRODHEADSVILLE, Pa. — This email is being sent to different parishioners at Our Lady Queen of Peace in Brodheadsville.

It's a DropBox attachment. The sender is listed as Deacon Bob.

However, Deacon Bob O'Connor says nope; it's not him. 

"Well, I didn't know anything about this. One of the girls at the church called me up one day and said, did you send an email to someone, a woman at our church. I said no, I don't even know what her email address is. She told me what it was, and then all of a sudden, more and more people were getting in touch with me, sending me emails and asking me what it was all about. Then I looked at the email it was supposedly coming from, and it wasn't my email address," said Deacon Bob O'Connor, Our Lady Queen of Peace.

Deacon Bob says the fake email address and his real email address are similar, but he is not the one clicking send.

He's letting his parishioners know that if they get such a link, do not click it.

Joe Kens got the email and clicked on it without knowing.  

"I couldn't get on it. I tried and tried, and it wouldn't let me on. So I asked him the next day at mass, and he said it was a scam. I deleted it, but it was in my delete pile, and I gave it to him to see what could be done about it," said Joe Kens, Parishioner.

Paul Carpenito also got the email.  He deleted his.

"There's always someone out there ready to scam you. I even got a scam from Amazon the other day that indicated there was $900 placed on my credit card," said Paul Carpenito, Parishioner.

The Deacon tells Newswatch 16 he's not sure where the email scam started, but he's hoping it ends here.

"I wish people that take time to figure out how to do these types of things would use their time in something that is more positive to help people or something," said Deacon O'Connor.

If you're a member of Our Lady Queen of Peace and you get one of the emails allegedly from Deacon Bob, it's best to just delete it and consider changing your password.