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Campgrounds predict another busy summer

People are still showing interest in vacationing outdoors, thanks in large part to the pandemic.

DELAWARE WATER GAP, Pa. — Camping spots continue to be in high demand this summer at Delaware Water Gap KOA. Plenty of people spent the weekend outdoors.

"We all bought campers in the last two years like 12 families," said Mary Piotrowski, New Jersey.

Owners of the campground say the uptick in visitors is large because of the pandemic. Weekday camping spots are here and there but weekends are almost always booked.

"Oh, it's been extremely busy. Everyone and their brother decided to go camping this year and last year. A lot of families and lots of kids. It's a family event without a doubt," said Robert Prato, Delaware Water Gap KOA.

Because camping has become so popular in the pandemic, some campers say there are campgrounds where you have to make reservations months, even a year in advance.

"Camping trips with the way the COVID is going, people think it's the way to go. No one wants to stay in a hotel anymore, so people are buying campers. Spots these days, I mean it's nearly impossible. If you wanted to pick up and go this weekend, chances are no way. You have to find, I mean it's hard," said Daniel Megill.

Megill from New Jersey just bought this camper last year.  He and 20 other families have all been camping throughout the pandemic. He's learned these days you must plan ahead.

"Even with all the restrictions, people are still going camping. You have to book sites a year out, a year in advance. We tried to get Walt Disney World for December, and no chance, no chance whatsoever. You just have to go and keep trying. Like I said, we camp with about 20 other, 20 families so getting 20 spots at one campground is next to impossible. I mean, we've done it one time this year, but that's the only time it's going to happen, but we will keep trying all the way to November to our Halloween jamboree at one of our friend's houses. It's the last gig of the year," said Megill.

Delaware Water Gap KOA owners say it's best to call ahead and make a reservation to ensure you have a spot.