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Businesses in Monroe County ready for NASCAR weekend

Race fans are gearing up for the tricky triangle, while area businesses are already seeing the economic boom from the thousands of people in town for the weekend.

MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — Race weekend is back and fans from all over the country are gearing up for the sites and sounds NASCAR brings to the Poconos.

"The race and the companionship, my brothers all come down and we get together, a couple of buddies we stay up the road and it's just a good time," said Rick Moran, Long Island, NJ.

As more people come in and set up camp for the for the upcoming races, Rick Moran sees the economic opportunity for local businesses as parking lots around town begin to fill up.

"I think the race brings in a lot of economic activity, restaurants thrive, some of the hotels are all booked, you couldn't get a hotel around here right now. So it's good for the community," said Moran.

This is one of if not the biggest weekends for businesses in the area and they aren't complaining.

"The raceway does a lot for all the local businesses and just to have this event and have people that come out, we've had people that have been coming out for forty years to come see the race and stay here at Murphy's and eat here," said John Braun, Murphy's Loft Manager.

Murphy's Loft is located just off Route 115 in Blakeslee. Race weekend usually brings in the big crowds. 

Manager John Braun believes this year is going to be even bigger than in year's past.

"This year it seems like there's more people up for the race than any of the last several years combined," said Braun.

Restaurants and hotels aren't the only places seeing a jump in business.

Harmony Beverage Employee Rebeca Albeck says, inventory was stacked up to the ceiling in preparation for the busy weekend.

"We stock up, I mean it's almost to the ceiling when race weekend is here and stuff, cause we know everyone is going to be coming here for supplies," said Rebecca Albeck, Harmony Beverage Employee.

Even with the craziness of the next few days still to come, Albeck welcomes the rush business with open arms and knows that everyone is going to enjoy the races, and more importantly have some fun.

"Everyone comes for race weekend ya know they are great people they are ya know diehard race fans and they just wanna have a good time," said Albeck.

Race weekend wraps up with the NASCAR Cup Series Sunday at 3:00 p.m.

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