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Beating the heat at Pocono Raceway

Thousands of people have flocked to Pocono Raceway for this weekend's NASCAR race and are trying creative ways to stay cool during this heat wave.

MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — As the racing heats up on the track at Pocono Raceway, so do the fans in the stands. They've got hats, light clothing, and cold drinks to try and keep cool. But you can't cool down without one key ingredient, ice.

People were lined up to buy bags of ice, replenishing the supply they've already burned through.

"I've got pineapples in there melting everything and beer. When you take hot beer and put it in the cooler, it takes care of the ice pretty quick," said Randall Kehoe, Albany, NY.

Felix Ulloa snagged two bags of ice for his group. He said they've already gone through 80 pounds of ice, and there's still plenty of the weekend left.

"Everybody wants margaritas, bloody mary's, mimosas. We're probably going to go through these and about four or six more," said Ulloa, Long Island, NY

When it's this hot in the infield at Pocono, you have to be creative to get cool.  Some people we found brought a pool.

"Well worth bringing a pool, even if it's a little kiddie pool. People have fun with it. It's all a good time, and have people come by if they want to come in, they can come in," said Joe Castellano, Long Island, NY.

If you aren't fortunate enough to have a pool, these race fans found other ways to cool down.

"Keep your liquids going. I actually sat in the car with the AC going before, so that felt good," said Castellano.

"Right here, no socks!  And the hat is soaking wet from the melted ice so that's also a tip," said Randall Kehoe.

Fans hope it cools down in the evening before the heat cranks up for Sunday's NASCAR race.

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