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Williamsport's peaceful protest

The city of Williamsport held a peaceful protest over the weekend to protest the killing of George Floyd.

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Over the weekend, hundreds gathered in downtown Williamsport to protest the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Protesters stood on the corner of Market and Third Street for nearly seven hours on Sunday.

Protesters say they were shocked by the overwhelming support from the city.

"I feel so privileged to have been apart of something so monumental, and it is true that one person can do a lot, and if one person can do a lot, imagine what happens we all come together," said Melodie Russell of Williamsport.

"I think it was the most special thing I have ever been apart of by far, it was the most proud I have ever been of Williamsport," said Elizabeth Culp of Williamsport. 

The event was organized by The Peaceful Protesters of Williamsport, an organization that was created just a day before the event.

Organizers say their goal was to highlight the injustices of race in society while remaining peaceful.

"I think we are reaching a point where our citizens and our community especially are ready to take a stand," said Abendigo Mcmullen of Williamsport.

"If anything wrong went down, we would have missed the opportunity to move forward because the powers that be may say okay this doesn't work, and they are turning it into the same thing that's happening all over."

The group tells Newswatch 16 that a change is now or never.

"If we lose this momentum of all the people coming together and everybody goes back to their respective homes and puts their signs away, there will be another George Floyd, there will be another situation that will occur, and people won't be enthused about it, it will be business as usual."

The Peaceful Protesters of Williamsport are working with well-known Williamsport resident Darrick Rizzo to help promote future events.

The organization hopes to continue to unite the city through these peaceful protests.