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What You Should Know About the Delegates Before the PA Primary

WILLIAMSPORT — By now, most voters know who their presidential pick will be in the Pennsylvania primary, but what about the delegates? “To be honest...

WILLIAMSPORT -- By now, most voters know who their presidential pick will be in the Pennsylvania primary, but what about the delegates?

"To be honest with you, I don't know who any of these people are," said Frank Ross.

"The presidential race tends to suck the oxygen out of the room. That's all you hear about in the media," said Forrest Lehman from voter services.

If you don't know who the delegates are, how do you choose?

"Presumably, you would want to select delegates on the ballot here that they are committed to, whoever it is you want to see emerge from the process as the nominee," said Lehman.

To help voters choose, you'll find the name of a presidential hopeful under each delegate's name on the Democratic ballot. That's not the case for the Republican ticket.

"Those delegates are unbound, so to have them committed to someone, it doesn't make sense. It wouldn't reflect reality because they are not committed to vote for anybody,” said Lehman.

For Republicans looking to choose that delegate who is also backing their presidential pick, it could take some extra online research and maybe a phone call or two.

Newswatch 16 called most of the candidates running for delegate in the 10th district to find out if they plan to support a certain presidential candidate.

Andrew English from Williamsport stopped by Lycoming County Republican Headquarters.

"If I vote for Trump and you got to vote for the delegates that are going to vote for him," said Andrew English.

Now English says he is ready to cast his vote because he did some research.

"If I vote for a delegate for Cruz, I lost. I actually lost my vote and that's wrong,” said English.


Nominees for Delegate to the Republican National Convention

10th District

Ted Cruz: Charles Brewer, Mark F. Holt

Donald Trump: Ryan Belz, John Wells

Waiting for Winner: Krystle Bristol, Mark J Harris, Dave Huffman, Tina Pickett, Mario Scavello, Nancy Scrader

Could Not Be Reached: Jonathan Hayes, Pat Saylor, Carol D. Sides, Mark Stoicheff


The following information on where Republican delegates stand is from the Morning Call newspaper:


17th District

Scranton to Schuylkill County

Ted Cruz: Ron Boltz

Donald Trump: T Lynette Villano, George Blauer, Carolyn Bonkoski, Theresa Gaffney

Whoever wins district: Robert Ames, George Halcovage, Gloria Lee Snover, Thomas Whitehead

Uncommitted: Mary Beth Dougherty, Charlie Kirkwood (soliciting responses from district residents on his website to guide his decision)


11th District

Luzerne County to Dauphin County

Donald Trump: Rick Morelli, David McElwee, Marlene Loose, Andrew Shecktor (will review that position if neither the district nor state selects Trump)

Ted Cruz: Richard Adams, Carol Drewniak, Lowman Henry, Tom Pyne

Uncommitted: Philip Bear (leaning Cruz)

Whoever wins district: Sue Helm, Rebecca Warren

Could not be reached: Dan Mosel (listed on Cruz slate), Jeff Haste (listed on Cruz slate), Don Sherwood, Bill Urbanski


Click here for more information on delegates in your area.