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Selinsgrove continues in playoffs after dispute

Fans on both sides have much to say about the football team remaining in playoffs after being accused of vandalizing a locker room.

JERSEY SHORE, Pa. — Football fans from Selinsgrove cheered on the Seals as they ran onto the field, excited to see them play in their next playoff game Thursday night in Jersey Shore's stadium in Porter Township.

"It's going to be a fun, competitive game; the defense has really stepped up, it has," said Mike Pastore, a Selinsgrove parent.

After winning their last playoff game, Milton Area is accusing the Selinsgrove football team of vandalizing their visitors' locker room.

"I think they should have been disqualified and not been allowed to play," said Ethan Fisher, a football player at Milton Area.

Since then, school officials from both Milton Area and Selinsgrove have been in a dispute.

"I really don't know what anyone else on social media is going to think," Pastore added.

Ethan Fisher, a senior football player from Milton Area, came to the game to cheer on the Jersey Shore Bulldogs as they played against Selinsgrove. 

"It upset me; it did. But what's done is done," said Fisher.

Fisher, a center for the Milton Area High School football team, played against Selinsgrove last week.

"It's poor sportsmanship. I mean, you won, beat us 30 – nothing. I mean, just pack up, go home, move on, celebrate. Just don't trash our high-dollar stadium that we just built," Fisher explained.

Fisher recalls how Milton Area's $15 million athletic complex came to life over his high school career.

"There's a lot of hoops and hurdles that we had to go through to be able to build that and get the grant money to build all that," added Fisher.

He wants both teams to move on from this.

"I'd say the Milton people have moved on from it pretty much, and what is done is done," he said. 

The Selinsgrove Area athletic department plans to pay for the locker room damages.

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