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Police: Human remains found in Lycoming County

Police are searching for two little girls who have allegedly been missing since 2015.


Agents and officers found what they feared might be on a property along Livermore Road in Hepburn Township outside of Williamsport.

Human remains believed to be that of a child, and investigators are still looking for a second child.

Both are believed to be the daughters of Marie Snyder.

Snyder dodged calls and questions from Lycoming County's Children and Youth starting this September, but investigators would eventually find out that the girls haven't been seen in six years.

Lycoming County Children and Youth got involved this year because of concerns over Snyder's 7-year-old son - that's when they visited the home and discovered the girls, who would be 8 and 11-years-old, weren't there and hadn't been seen by anyone outside the home since 2015.

The girl's father even said he hasn't seen his daughters since then.

For now, Snyder and her partner Echo Butler are behind bars on child endangerment charges.

In their arrest papers, police wrote: 

"Snyder has failed to protect, care, and support her daughters who since 2015 have not been enrolled into schools that this agency is aware of, unknown if seen for medical care and continues to obstruct and elude Lycoming County Children in Youth to confirm their locations and the children's safety."

Original Story:

Local police and the FBI spent Saturday searching for what they believe are remains of two little girls allegedly missing since 2015 in Lycoming County.

Police say Lycoming County Children and Youth began investigating Marie Snyder and her partner, Echo Butler, after Snyder's 7-year-old son was reportedly not enrolled in school.

During the investigation, officials discovered that Snyder's two other children, girls ages 8 and 11, had not been seen or heard from since 2015.

Investigators executed a search warrant at their home along Livermore Road in Hepburn Township, near Williamsport, Saturday morning.

Police say they are looking for the alleged buried remains of the 8 and 11-year-old.

So far, officials have not said if the search has turned up anything.

Both Snyder and Butler are locked up on child endangerment charges in Lycoming County.

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