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Pizza shop hit hard by lack of business

A pizza shop in Williamsport known for its service to the community is scaling back its hours. Newswatch 16's Chris Keating spoke with the owner about the decision.

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Mark Mangiardi has one simple passion.

"I absolutely love making pizza."

The owner of Leo's Pizzeria has been dishing up pies in Williamsport since the beginning of 2020.

However, this is his pizzeria's last full week of operations. Mangiardi posted to Facebook that his shop will now only be open one or two days a week.

"Business is just super slow. It has slowed down tremendously in the last couple months, and I had to make a decision to look for a job elsewhere and keep this open on the weekends," Mangiardi said.

Customer Joey Burkins says the news was tough to hear.

"Leo's is the best pizza around, and it is sad to see what is going on around here. The guy has done miraculous things in the community."

Over the past three years, Mangiardi has fed entire schools, nursing homes, and jails for free. In 2020 during the pandemic, he provided $20,000 worth of free pizza to all UPMC Hospital staff for two full months.

"Honestly, it is awesome being able to do that. No business has done anything like what we have done, and it is cool being able to do that. Has it come back and bit me a little bit? Probably, but it was worth it."

Mangiardi says his second job will be another way for him to help make a difference in the community.

"I took a position, basically, being a counselor for troubled youth."

Mangiardi says his customers can keep an eye on Leo's Pizzeria Facebook page to see what two days of the week he plans to open.

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