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Penn College student chefs cooking for Little Leaguers

Newswatch 16s Chris Keating shows us the work that goes into feeding players from around the world.

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Student chefs at the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport will be put to the test over the next two weeks. The culinary students are responsible for feeding all the players and coaches at the Little League World Series.

"Pretty great to know that we are keeping these kids active and running, and it is good to know their success and energy on the field is being derived from our food," said sophomore Lance Bierly.

The students will prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. This year, the world series includes 20 teams, so there are more mouths to feed.

"There's 384 players, plus the coaches and chaperones and things like that. So, 400 breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, so 1,200 a day," said Shawn Hanlin, executive chef at Le Jeune Chef. "The five days I have been working has been pretty crazy with all the food we have been producing, and just the sheer amount of willpower and strength that we have been putting through to get all this food out has been astounding."

Not only will student chefs at Penn College be responsible for 1,200 meals a day, but they will also be working with different cuisines found all over the world.

The menu on Tuesday included quesadillas and chicken parmesan.

"Teams from the Caribbean, we have European teams, we have teams from Puerto Rico. So, I will learn a lot about their individual cuisines, their likes, and the core ingredients that make up those cuisines," said freshman Jordan Brouse.

Most of these students are in their first or second year at Penn College, and for them, it's a great experience to have for life after college.

"It is going to help me so much in the long run with learning how to work with others and learning how to work in this field and getting all the experience I can to be successful in my future."

The Little League World Series starts Wednesday it runs through August 28.

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