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New rules alter parking customs at Little League World Series

Little League changed some of its security policies, and that has led to changes to where people park and enter the facility.

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — This year, Little League changed some of its security policies, including closing all but one public entrance, so everyone enters the complex through one gate. That has led to some changes for drivers.

Joe Eck lives right outside the main entrance of the Little League World Series complex. For the last 20 years, he's been charging people $10 to park on his property.

This year, it's been busier than usual for him.

"It's been really busy, really busy," Eck said. "Being that that's the only gate you can go up, everybody wants to park here. It's been great. Within a couple of hours, I'm filled up."

Not everyone has been that lucky. Jessica Betz lives about two blocks away from a gate that is now closed. She has been driving some people to the main entrance when she sees them struggling.

"It's difficult for them to walk up and down the streets. It's hilly, and then you get over there, and it's more hills. It is really sad because I think that people are not going to come."

Betz says it's frustrating because many of the people she sees struggling are seniors.

"They just want to go see the game, and they're not going to be able to keep doing this walk."

It's a similar situation at the Ridgemont Motel on Route 15. In years past, this was one of the closest places you could park to the complex.

"It's a block away to get into the entrance. This year, because of Little League shutting that gate, they have a mile and a half walk to get into the main entrance," the owner said.

The Montgomery Lions Club parks cars at its place, one of the nonprofit's biggest fundraisers of the year. Not only are this year's profits smaller, but people are also upset when they find out about the longer walk.

Even though folks are frustrated, the people we spoke with tell us they understand why Little League has cracked down on security, and they respect its decision.

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