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Raising cash to fix pool problems at Lock Haven YMCA

The Lock Haven Area YMCA is asking the community to donate and help restore its pool.

LOCK HAVEN, Pa. — The pool at the YMCA Lock Haven branch is empty, and it has been for two years.

"Prior to COVID, we were in the process of restoring our Pool Pak or replacing it. It had been in despair over the years," said Bethann Bartlett, the associate executive director.

The Pool Pak, a machine that controls the water temperature and humidity in the pool area, no longer works. A replacement isn't cheap.

"They are not. They are upwards of $240,000 to $280,000," added Bartlett.

When the pool was in use, officials at the YMCA say more than 100 people used it daily.

"My husband and I would always bring our three kids over to swim during the open swim times. It is really missed by our family," said Jayanne Hall of Lock Haven.

Members of the YMCA depend on the pool to help teach their kids how to swim.

"Our 6 year old, we had hoped to get him swim lessons here so he could be really proficient in swimming because water safety is important," added Hall.

"We use the pool for water babies, swim lessons for our children that attend child care programs, and also for our community members who just want to get in for some exercise," said Bartlett.

The organization is raising money for its pool restoration program. Thanks to grants and donations, the pool could reopen soon.

"We are hoping that, if we have one final push, we can get the Pool Pak ordered and hopefully be opened by the summer."

If you are interested in donating to the Lock Haven Area YMCA and helping out with the pool restoration, you can do so in person. You can also donate online here.

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