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Horse Shot and Killed in Lycoming County

MILL CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The owner of a horse is stunned and disgusted after the animal was shot and killed. Now, he’s leading an effort to find t...

MILL CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The owner of a horse is stunned and disgusted after the animal was shot and killed. Now, he's leading an effort to find the shooter.

The horse was shot and killed on his property last week in Lycoming County.

Ted Baker was at work when he got a call from his neighbor, telling him that his horse was on the ground and in severe pain. When he got home, he found out that someone had shot his horse with a high-powered rifle.

Baker fought back his emotions while describing his 19-year-old horse Romeo.

"I actually had Romeo for 19 years," Baker said. "I got him when he was 6 months old. So, at this point, he was more of a pet than he was a horse, so yeah, he has meant a lot to the family."

Romeo was shot and killed last week on Woodley Hollow Road near Picture Rocks. The horse was on Baker's property at the time.

"Unfortunately, there's disturbed individuals in this world that will randomly drive around target innocent pets," he said.

Baker says that this has been a reoccurring theme in the area.

"It happened very close to me. Another lady, Jesse Snyder, she had a pony shot in her pasture, and so we are hoping to prevent this from happening to anybody else's pet," added Baker.

There is a reward out for the arrest of the person who shot Romeo.

"I believe right now we are approaching $2,000, and even if we are close to $2,000, I will guarantee $2,000 for the arrest of whoever is perpetrating these crimes," said  Baker.

Since Baker shared the story of his horse on his Facebook page, he says support from the community has been pouring in, and a few people have donated to the reward fund.

"I have probably been contacted by more than 100 people in the local community, offering support in any way they can," he said.

Ed Alexander saw the story on Facebook and decided to donate $500.

"I figured that the more money that we put out there, maybe the better chance that someone will speak, because this kind of nonsense has to stop. I mean, it's just ridiculous," Alexander said.

If you happen to have any information leading to an arrest, you are asked to call the Pennsylvania State Police in Montoursville.