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History class considers Ukraine conflict

Newswatch 16's Chris Keating learned how teachings of history from over 1,000 years ago can be related to what is happening now in Ukraine.

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, classrooms at Lycoming College are using current events to learn about the history of Eastern Europe.

"Sometimes something happens, and you know what? It actually does pay to know the historical developments of these places," said Cullen Chandler, a history professor at Lycoming College.

Chandler teaches History 101 at the college. The class was learning about the migration of Vikings to Kyiv in the 800s coincidentally, at the same time, Russia began its invasion.

"With current events as they are, I thought it wouldn't hurt to slow down and take a look because Kyiv is a place that is named in these sources," said Chandler.

"We are learning about Russia in the media and about Russia in the classroom. I think it is super important to take the time to learn about it, though, since it is so central to what is going on," said freshman Haley Seebold.

Many of the students in the class are first- or second-year students. Most of them are not history majors.

"Seeing like where it all started and why they are doing the things they are doing doesn't make it any better, but it gives me a better understanding about it," Seebold said.

Chandler hopes to use historical information to brief his students on the conflicts that exist today.

"We will talk about modern uses of history. Like when politicians talk about history, they are not really talking about history. They are talking about what they want to do and using history as an excuse to do that."

Professor Chandler tells Newswatch 16 his class will continue to focus on the history of these two countries over the next few class periods.

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