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Halloween heist ruins holiday fun

The owner of a home in South Williamsport says not only have thieves ruined Halloween, but they've also ruined Christmas for him and the entire neighborhood.

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Matt McCarrier of South Williamsport is known for his festive yard decorations around the holidays. For him, it's something he likes to share with his neighborhood.

"I have been decorating for over 20 years now. People know this house, and people look forward to the decorations. My family, my friends, just the community in general," said Matt McCarrier, South Williamsport.

Just a few days ago, McCarrier's home on East Mountain Avenue was completely decorated for Halloween. But now, his yard is empty. He removed his decorations after six blow molds, worth more than one-thousand dollars ... were stolen. 

"I saw the gate was open, and so I grabbed my dog quick, and I looked around and saw four of my ghosts were missing. I went in the house and said everything was stolen from the back porch. So, I go outside the fence to see a Frankenstein and vampire were missing as well," said McCarrier.

Many of the decorations were zip tied to his house. McCarrier believes the theft was planned. None of his neighbors had anything stolen.

"I believe they knew exactly which ones they wanted to come in to take. They had to physically come in the yard and cut from the porch," explained McCarrier.

McCarrier's home is known as Christmas Corner during the Christmas season. But he says this recent theft has ruined the fun for everyone.

"There will no longer be holiday displays because it has ruined it. I can't trust anyone not to come into the yard to take anything. Because people know what these decorations are worth and their value," said McCarrier.

In front of the home, McCarrier used three pumpkins to leave a message for the thieves and for his neighborhood. The message reads, 'thank you to the thieves for no more decorations.'

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of the Halloween decor, you are urged to contact the South Williamsport Police Department at (570) 327-8152.

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