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Church hosts 48th annual Lent lunches

A church in Lycoming County is offering lunch to its community all throughout lent.

MONTOURSVILLE, Pa. — For 48 straight years, the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour in Montoursville has been hosting an annual soup sale and luncheon. The church offers this special lunch on every Thursday during Lent. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend the lunches.

"It's very special," said senior warden Susan Lyon. "It's good to see people that you maybe only see once a year, and it's the middle of winter right now and so people do come out that might not usually come out the rest of the year."

"Been coming for at least nine years now and we try to make them all. Once they start them, we usually come every Thursday throughout Lent," said Williamsport resident Bob Wallace.

The menu includes barbeque, chili, soup, and hot dogs. The proceeds from the lunches will go directly to the church.

"It's an inexpensive meal. I actually had the chili dog which is the only time I have a chili dog all year, but they make good barbecue and I like the chili dog and their soup is excellent," Wallace said.

For many, the main delicacy are the homemade pies.

Churchgoers say the first thing you do at the luncheon is head over to the pie table and select your pie first to make sure you get a good slice.

"Get your pie first because you might lose out on the kind you want if you don't," Lyon advised.

"The homemade pies are unbelievable, and I always look for the same pies every year," Wallace added.

The lunches will be held every Thursday during Lent from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the church in Montoursville.