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Chopping out of the ice in Lycoming County

Newswatch 16 traveled around the city of Williamsport to find folks dealing with the wet and frozen conditions.

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Many parts of the Williamsport area were compared to an ice rink on Friday. A mix of rain, sleet, and snow has not been kind to the roads and sidewalks in the city.

"Can't stop it, and you can't change it either, but you can just learn to adapt to it," Kerry Morris said.

Many of the people Newswatch 16 encountered were cleaning ice off their cars. According to the Stormtracker 16 team, temperatures will dip well below freezing over the weekend. This means surfaces will most likely refreeze and add even more ice.

"Definitely, you want to get that ice off that car before that temperature drops because it will get even thicker than it is and worse than it is right now," Morris said.

"Cleaning my car off for about five or ten minutes because I figure it is just going to keep snowing and it will keep icing, and if I don't clean it off now, then I am going to have like two inches of ice on my car by tomorrow morning," Andrew Squires said.

The roads and sidewalks were less traveled than normal. Anywhere from a quarter to a half-inch coated many residential roads and sidewalks throughout the city. The ice caused people to think twice about getting behind the wheel.

"I am not going to drive today. I thought about it, but it just isn't in the cards."

The ice didn't stop Frank Eberlin from working. He was out and about making deliveries for East End Lumber while putting up with the icy conditions.

"It has been cold and slippery, but you kind of got to do what you got to do to make a living," Eberlin said.

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