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Bike repair stations in Jersey Shore

The borough of Jersey Shore has installed two bicycle repair stations for bikers who may hit a bump in the road while riding the trails.

JERSEY SHORE, Pa. — If you go for a bike ride on the trails in the Jersey Shore area, you might see one of two bike repair stations. One is located by the Jersey Shore community pool, and the other sits just off Railroad Street on the opposite side of town.

"Those who are biking in our community have a spot to stop if they need any repairs or adjustments to their bike as they ride through the borough," said Cody Hoover, the borough manager.

The bike repair stations will help bikers get back on the trails if they hit a bump in the road. Bikers think they are a fantastic idea.

"A lot of people come out biking, and they don't carry the tools with them that they need, and this way you know they have access to it, so it's great," said Joe McVaugh of Jersey Shore.

"Ultimately, the plan is to have people come visit Jersey Shore and know that this is available for them if there is a need all along the trail," said Bonnie Messersmith of the Jersey Shore Recreation Committee.

If you are not quite sure how to use the bike repair stations, all you will need is your smartphone. You scan the QR Code at the top of the bike station, and it will direct you to a webpage that shows you how all of the tools work.

The borough hopes more people will take advantage of these bike stations. The repair stations include a pump, wrenches, and other handy tools. Soon, Jersey Shore plans to make the entire borough accessible to bicycles.

"From over at the school-- to the connector at the Rail Trail to Weis' where we are making a connector across into Allegheny Street and all the way down so you can actually access our parks, as well as our downtown, our restaurants, and all the shops here in Jersey Shore," said Hoover.

Both repair stations will soon be getting a sign that will display another QR code. This code will pull up a map of all the nearby bike repair stations in central Pennsylvania.