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Bakery's abrupt closure leaves several sub shops, restaurants helpless

Lycoming Bakery in South Williamsport has halted all production of bread.

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Lycoming Bakery in South Williamsport has halted all production of bread, leaving several restaurants and shops that rely on it stunned with sudden closure.

That includes Humpty Dumpty Creek Side sandwich shop in Williamsport.
Owner Bobbi-Jo Staver says this closure leaves her and others high and dry.

"They're the only game in town. You can't get rolls anywhere else, you know, so everybody depends on it one way or another,” said Staver.

Staver says she was able to catch an employee at the bakery and pick up the rolls she ordered yesterday.

That will get her through until tomorrow.

But Staver's shop will have to be closed in the days leading up to the Easter holiday.

"My busy weekend is Easter weekend. You know, mom's cooking all day Sunday, so everybody's coming here Saturday,” said Staver.

Calls to Lycoming Bakery went to this voice message, “We are sorry to announce that we have closed our doors of operation. Due to labor issues, we could not provide advanced notice.”

The bakery’s closure means Mileto’s Sub Shop in Williamsport was unable to open.

Owner Kristi Ardrey feels bad for her employees.

“They're parents, they live on their own, they need that money, so they show up for work and they're turned away,” said Ardrey.

Now, the owner of Leo's Pizzeria in Williamsport is offering to help those businesses impacted by the bakery's closure.

Owner Mark Mangiardi says he'll make bread at his pizzeria free of charge for shop owners who contact him.

"It's to any of the businesses, the sub shops around here that need rolls to have their business to operate. It's just a temporary thing until they find an alternative,” said Mangiardi.

If your business in Central Pennsylvania was affected by Lycoming Bakery’s closure, contact Mark Mangiardi at his pizzeria by clicking here or call (272) 202-3803.