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'It kind of worries me' - spray-paint vandals cause concern

Graffiti faces have been spray-painted all over one neighborhood in Luzerne County.

WYOMING, Pa. — Faces with Xs for eyes and the initials T.S. popped up over the weekend spray-painted throughout the borough of Wyoming.

You can find it on churches, backs of stop signs, the park at 8th Street, the back of NAPA auto, on a wall someone recently built on Atherton Street.

A woman who lives in Wyoming tells Newswatch 16 she notified police immediately after finding the markings in her neighborhood.

She and other neighbors think teenagers in the community could be responsible.

"Because they thought maybe it was that marshmallow character, and I'm thinking maybe it is because one of my nephews is obsessed with him, so I know exactly what he looks like, but at the same time I can't take anything lightly."

Still, she's concerned and hopes parents will keep a closer eye on their children when they're outside.

"Wyoming has always been a really nice area. I moved away for a while and then came back just because I wanted to raise my child here and it's never been like this, so for this all of a sudden to come up out of the blue overnight, not only like shocks me, it kind of worries me, especially with everything else going on right now.

If you have any information or surveillance footage near one of the markings, you are asked to contact the police in Wyoming.