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Witness recalls shooting in Pittston Township

"I was honestly very scared. My kids were calling me asking me if I was OK," Brandy Astacio said.

PITTSTON, Pa. — Dozens of people were locked inside businesses as police worked to investigate a shooting, including one woman who found herself in the middle of it all.

"We heard some commotion at our backfire door, and so we opened the door, and everyone came running in at us. The gentleman from the nail salon who I know personally handed me a cell phone and said here 911, and so I spoke to 911," said Brandy Astacio.

On her second day at her new job, Astacio says she didn't expect to see all this.

Dozens and dozens of police and emergency crews were stationed outside of Envy Nails; it's where police say a man shot a woman in broad daylight.  

Astacio works at another business in the building and found herself in the middle of the situation.

"Our first instinct was to go and find this girl who was shot and laying on the ground. We went up there; I found the young lady, gave her some water, asked what happened. My boss checked her back, and we found two gunshot wounds with exit holes in the front of her. She was scared. She asked if she was going to die," she said.

Several customers and workers were told to stay indoors as police worked to piece together what happened.

Astacio says it was a frightening day, especially with everything going on in the world.

"I was honestly very scared. My kids were calling me asking me if I was OK, they saw it on the news, and it's scary," she added.

The victim was taken to the hospital, and her condition is unknown.

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