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Wednesday before Thanksgiving busy for Pizza shops and Liquor stores

It was a mad dash for many on Wednesday, as people looked to get out and grab last-minute items before Thanksgiving.

EXETER, Pa. — It was all hands on deck at Sabatini's in Exeter as hundreds of pizzas made their way out of the front door. 

Owner Lindo Sabatini says besides Fridays and Saturdays, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of their busiest days. 

"It started this morning right around 10:30 am; the phones were ringing. A lot of people are coming into town and don't wanna cook because they have gotta cook for tomorrow. So it's traditionally a really good day," said Lindo Sabatini. 

Not cooking even more than they already have, was on the agenda for Doreen Marianacci and her Daughter, Maria. 

"We're getting all the salad, vegetables, and everything ready. Getting the stuffing ready for the turkey, and then we'll do everything tomorrow. Throw it in the oven, said Doreen Marianacci of Wyoming. 

"Throw it on the stovetop and ready to go. Easy morning. Set the table, do everything. So we don't have to cook tonight. So it's a hot and easy and a good meal that we know we're gonna get," said Maria Marianacci of Wyoming. 

Others like this family decided to dine in and grab a bite.

"The girls are cooking, so we kinda got thrown out of the house, so we figured we'd come from pizza," said Chuch Adonizio of West Pittston. 

Pizza shops weren't the only places filled with people; so were the liquor stores. 

Just down the street in West Pittston, dozens packed inside the Fine Wine and Good Spirits on Wyoming Ave, all stocking up for the holiday.

"We gotta family gathering. Some are already here. So we're just picking up some spirits for the next couple of days. Wine will be the most thing, and I got a little, a little scotch," said Mile Baker of New York. 

People tell Newswatch 16 they have tons to be thankful for this year

"Spending time with my family, like when we all get together. We don't live in the same state, but Thanksgiving when we all come together," Allie Esworthy of Baltimore said. 

"Having more of a typical, traditional thanksgiving and so were really looking forward to being able to do that again," Baker said. 

Sabatini Pizza and all state-operated liquor stores are closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

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